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  Wuxi Hai Fei Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of welding equipment, production CNC machining centers and CNC lathes and other high-precision processing equipment. Haifei has four powerful processing plants and professional mechanical design software and professional designers, it can be said that the R & D, design, manufacturing and after-sales service as one of professional manufacturers to provide you with the best combination of manufacturing. Our company has about 50% of the products exported to Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions. In China, the products have been sold to major cities nationwide.

The company produces conventional products, more manufacturers require unique design, manufacturing a dedicated automatic / semi-automatic welding equipment. Innovation and cooperation with the advanced technology of foreign companies, to make the theHaiFei product quality into the world advanced level of technology.

Thinking to changing the world


They decided to each company's achievements People change the world


They decided to each company's development

Technology changed the world

They decided to each company's future...


Brand Origin

Two thousand years ago, in the desert of the Arab region, a camel boy named HaiFei. His most urgent desire is to change the life of his low status, because he fell in love with a beautiful girl, but the girl's father was rich and snobbish ......

HaiFei's desire was get grane from his boss - the famous fur businessman Bo Saluo. In order to verify the potential of HaiFei, Bosa Luo sent him to a small town called Bethlehem to sell a robe. However, HaiFei failed, because for a moment of mercy, HaiFei gown gave inn near the cave heating newborn babies.HaiFei full of shame back to the furrier, but there is a bright star has been with flashing above his head. Bosa Luo explained this phenomenon as the revelation of God, so he gave the boy ten scrolls what were recorded shock the melt today's commercial secret, the wisdom necessary to achieve all the aspirations of the boy.HaiFei carries ten scrolls, with the furdfrom boss gave him a sum of principal, left the camel group, goes away, officially began his marketing career to make a living independently

Several years later, the boy HaiFei became a wealthy businessman, and married with his beloved girl. And the achievements of HaiFei were continued to expand, and soon, a vast business empire in the rise of ancient Arabia Peninsula ......

People familiar with the paragraph above understood, which is a wonderful book outline of the story, it was called "the world's greatest salesman"

Let us pass the strength of the HaiFei brand with thanksging, responsibility and quality.

HaiFei with lead the Chinese resistance welding industry write a new chapter.HaiFei with become the pride of the chinese people, to break the international monopoly resistance welding market.