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Focus on customer demand, manufacturing quality products, provide the best service.
Take the customer as the center, based on striver, continuous and hard struggle.
Enterprise Spirit
Unyielding, and hold world with virtue.
Value Proposition 
Useful, practical and durable is the absolute principle.
Delight the Customer
Provide effective services to the customers, is the direction of our work and value evaluation scale, achievement on the customer is himself.
Hard work and plain living
We don't have any scarce resources can rely on, only hard struggle to win customers trust.
Self-criticism is the purpose of constant progress, continuous improvement, rather than self denial. Only insist on self criticism, can listen and continued beyond, can more likely to respect others and cooperate with others, to achieve customer, company and individual common development.
In order to better meet customer demand, we are actively enterprising, insist on opening and innovation.
Only magnanimous heart sincere, we can practice what you preach and promise. Integrity is our most important intangible assets. The Philippines HaiFei insiston win the customer by integrity.
The toast celebraing the victory,the desperate rescue.

WuXi HaiFei weld technology center has close cocperation relationship with peers,provide the profotype show technical consultation、technical consultation、technology andysis proofing and operation training and other services to peer and all industries users at any time.

HaiFei technical force is abundant, has a including machinery, electronics, welding, automatic control, mechanical and electrical integration professional technical team. Product design using 3 d modeling, completely intuitive, rapid reproduction simulating actual use condition, ensure the accuracy of the product design.

In recent years, the company also organized special power and wuhan university of science and technology, industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province and other colleges and universities and research institutes to carry out technical cooperation, to undertake the government science and technology development projects. At the same time, the company is also committed to outstanding enterprises to carry out technical cooperation with foreign counterparts, introducing the world advanced welding technology and its application of Philippine sea products, ensure the company's products in technological level fast in line with international standards, product performa