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Industrial robots don't have big impact on labor market

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2018/06/01 10:07
German industrial manufacturer Kuka robot to be annexed to midea group said. Purchase price of $5 billion.

German industrial manufacturer Kuka robot to be annexed to midea group said. Purchase price of $5 billion.

The deal allows China retained the title of the world's largest producer of industrial robot. A recent years China this kind of robot sales increased by 16%.

According to experts predict that by 2025 will reduce a quarter of the jobs. Specific procedures or replace, or be replaced by robots. The forecast at the beginning now become a reality: in China last week for the apple iPhone and samsung smartphone assembly foxconn to revealed that there are 60000 employees be replaced by robots.

China institute of labor relations labor relations associate professor Joe Miriam said in comments this message, production automation to reduce jobs, is one of the five years planning to discuss important issues. Joe Miriam said: "with the development of the robot, precision instruments, and intensive technology, production is becoming more and more simple operation, and some of the less skilled technicians are able to operate. Such as the introduction of bar code technology makes many senior technicians have been eliminated. About foxconn this example, haven't heard besides foxconn's other enterprises to develop alternative employment of robot production line. But this topic is, indeed, the labor department is currently discussing one of the issues on labor."

But in the south China morning post quoted kunshan municipal party committee propaganda department minister to jade lotus saying that other companies might follow foxconn.

The reason for this is the Chinese and global minimum wages will rise. Former chief executive of McDonald's EdRensi FoxBusiness interview last week, for $35000 could buy them cheaply, machine hand and hire a skilled staff to pack chips, need to pay $15 per hour.

Yet China's labor market condition instead. As Joe Miriam, points out, China's demand for labor is greater than the supply. Joe Miriam said, "pray too for Labour market trend will continue until around 2018, this is more beneficial for workers, think robots market will not have too big impact for the labor market."

And, although China is a major importer of industrial robots, in terms of automation, it still backward and its neighbours. MITTechnologyReview magazine pointed out that South Korea's employees and the proportion of the robot is 10000, 478, the United States is 164. China is only 36. Said jobs threatened by robots in China, it is too early.

Famous Chinese entrepreneur, alibaba founder jack ma admitted in astana economic BBS, not afraid of the robot, on the contrary, but to meet the new technological revolution. Mr Ma said, "although in some ways technology is superior to man, but the machine can't instead of human forever". No one can deprive the people of the entrepreneurial spirit, because it is always smarter than machines.

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